The Fat Loss Diet Program

Want to lose 20-30lbs?

Stick to this 3 month diet and I’ll help get you there.

This dieting strategy is a scientific approach to achieving sustainable fat loss in a very simple fashion.

In this program, you’ll get:

  • An overview of basic nutrition
  • A self-tailored diet based on your body
  • Exercise recommendations (weights/cardio)
  • Grocery list
  • Meal size & timing
  • Free meals and refeeds
  • Metabolic slow down fix
  • Performance loss fix
  • Ending the diet/finding maintenance calories.

The Extreme Fat Loss Diet

This is a crash diet intended to help you lose between 10-20 lbs in only 2 weeks!

The difference between this diet and other crash diets is that you can expect to lose 4-8 lbs of actual fat (compared to water weight). Most crash diets focus more on overall weight loss instead of fat loss.

This diet also focuses on preserving as much muscle as possible.

In this diet, you’ll get:

  • A day-by-day schedule of what to eat based on your body type
  • A recommended 3x/week workout program
  • Cheat meals and refeeds

Add 20-30lbs To Your Bench in 5 Weeks

This program is designed to a 3 day/week workout program for 4 weeks to increase your bench with a 1 Rep Max protocol on your 5th week

Program will be on an Excel Workbook with:

  • Rest times
  • Specific set & reps for exercises
  • % of weight to lift
  • And more protocols


This program is a 12-week strength and hypertrophy tailored plan designed for lifters in the Early-Intermediate training experience status. The program is a relative intensity progression model in a daily undulating periodization approach based off the work of Juggernaut Training Systems and Mike Zourdos

Program will be on Google Sheets with:

  • Rest times
  • Specific set & reps for exercises
  • % of weight to lift
  • Exercise video demonstrations
  • And more protocols
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